are some people making money from their blogs?

Well, I’ve never suggested to you that blogging can be a financial boon, but I do feel it has significant possibilities for future PR and Marketing (MARCOM) activities.

That being said, I bet many of you would like to know if anyone ‘is’ pulling down significant revenue from their blogging activities.

They are the ‘A-list’ bloggers … the people you would expect to have ample audience (consistently visiting and staying for a significant amount of time) reading their blogs.

I do not know if the following revenue streams are accurate, but I wouldn’t be surprised that these blogs could generate significant income (provided that the ad stream is steady). And, all that revenue does not come without problems.

The ‘good thing’ about “assuring your blog ad customers of your blog’s circulation size” is: verifying traffic is relatively easy (see BBClone and many other ‘counters’). Also, even more compelling, there are the ‘server logs’ themselves. This makes circulation scandals unlikely in the blog world. Or does it? 😉

At any rate, it is an interesting topic. So, check out this discussion from Simon World:

The Professional Blogger

Reading the online symposium hosted by John Hawkins, with Michele, Ace, Bill of INDC and Frank J I came across the following exchange:

John Hawkins: Speaking of which — take a look at the following numbers. This is how much money the following bloggers are making per week off of Blogads if you take how much money they charge for a weekly ad and multiply times the number of ads they have. Keep in mind that these numbers will be a bit high because rates longer than a week are a bit cheaper…

Frank J.: Instapundit is making more than my salary as an engineer.

John Hawkins: Daily Kos $14,500, Talking Points Memo $8500, Eschaton $6000, Instapundit $3250, Andrew Sullivan $5200…

Ace: John, You’re killing me. Crushing me.

Bill: Jesus.

John Hawkins: Hugh Hewitt $3000…

Michele Catalano: A week?

John Hawkins: MyDD $6200 , Wonkette $4000

Also see this column from Paul Colford at the NY Daily News.

Who is Simon? Well, read this interview, or visit his About Me page, or just read his blog, Simon World. I’ve been looking in on the blog for awhile. It is quite entertaining and contains some very interesting content.


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  2. Robert Bly

    When I say I am looking for blogs that generate positive, significant ROI, here’s what I mean….

    My major client generates $40 million in annual direct product sales from e-mail marketing.

    Can you show me a blog that generates 1% of this — $400,000 a year — in direct product sales?:?:

  3. Robert

    Hey Robert,

    No, I can’t tell you of one. Especially not ‘direct sales blogs’ … if such an animal exists (see examples at the end).

    Blogs are new. Now Gawker’s collection of blogs is said to generate a significant flow of revenue. They ‘may’ bring in something close to that range annually.

    This two year old Gawker ad rate card gives a good idea of their rates (which I’m sure have changed). I’ll try to find the most recent.

    This Aug. 27, 2004 Mediapost article, Blogging Goes Mainstream shows the audience they are generating.

    But, I don’t have the revenue numbers yet. I’ll keep looking later tonight.

    A good question. I doubt I’ll find many examples, if any, close to your example. But, as we know, blogging is new. Very new. Will it ever generate that kind of revenue? I do not know.

    “If” the numbers above are correct, some of these blogs are generating up to $754,000 annually (DailyKos), but I don’t have any verification of that. And, those aren’t ‘sales’ blogs, of course.

    I am waiting with interest to see the results of Sharp TV’s sales by mystery blog campaign. The Nike/Gawker Art of Speed did not seem to fare well.

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