upgraded to WordPress 1.2.1

WordPress.org has upgraded the blog script/software to fix “a few bugs and minor security issues with 1.2. (They)’ve also backported the new login system from 1.3 that is much friendlier and should address many of the problems people have had with logging in and cookies.”

I have installed the upgrade. If you notice any quirks/problems with the site, please let me know.

This is my first ‘post’ since the upgrade. We’ll see how it goes.

I did check the ‘comments’ function and it worked fine.


[Update: No problems posting. An easy upgrade. Note to self: Keep that list of ‘files you’ve hacked’ a little more handy in the future. That is the one lesson I learned. If you are upgrading you need to know all of the files you’ve changed. Either that, or don’t upload those files – if you can get away with it (meaning, they aren’t affected / changed by the upgrade).]

Ooops! Another update: I forgot to re-mod the ‘Waypath’ comments plugin to my site. It is back up. See, I didn’t have Waypath on that very important list! Doh!