Clunky and Slow (but worth a look) – EGO7’s Flash Content Management Solution CMSmx

This is an interesting development. However, Flash is so often slow in loading and rendering. If they were just using it for the database sharing and not filled with animations, it might work well. But, like so many Flash applications – they fill it with animations. I have to admit that it is cool and has a ‘funky’ appeal.

However, PHP/MySQL CMS applications render ‘soooo’ much quicker. With fancy ‘.css’ you could mimic the look – to some extent – absent the animations.

The demo is ‘agonizingly‘ clunky and slow. But, still worth a look. community

Perhaps this is a good example of ‘flash and glitz’ over value.

EGO7’s Flash Content Management Solution
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By: Press Release
Friday October 08 2004, 00:06:00

Ang’l, a Belgian based advertising/interactive agency, has implemented EGO7’s CMSmx (Flash content management solution) for JBC, the 90-store clothing chain based in Belgium and Netherlands. CMSmx has enabled Ang’l to deliver to their client, an all-Flash content management system that non-technical personnel at Ang’l and JBC can use to update and program content.

Currently, JBC site offers a complete catalogue for their Fall Line, which can be easily updated seasonally by the client and by Ang’l. By offering a customizable solution to update styles, navigation and image updates, JBC have the flexibility needed to deliver new content more efficiently to its customers. Using CMSmx custom templating tools the site appears both in French and Dutch language.


One thought on “Clunky and Slow (but worth a look) – EGO7’s Flash Content Management Solution CMSmx

  1. Robert

    I noted today, from my stats page, that this page was e-mailed to the folks at ‘ego7’ … at etc…

    Well, I hope my observations (oh so brief) were not taken too badly. It is a great ‘look’, but the load is just too much. And, I’d definately go for a different color scheme and larger font sizes. Just a thought.

    I’m on a pretty high speed/broad bandwith DSL service and the download and operation of your site was oh, so slow. And, yes … I do realize that I was looking at your ‘test server’.

    I note, too, that ego7 is selling for ‘$14,000’ for a five user license.

    I wish you success!

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