Techdirt:Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs

Techdirt:Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs
Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs
Ramblings Contributed by Mike on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003 @ 02:26AM
from the will-it-get-worse? dept.
I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the past year or so with PR people discovering – but not quite understanding – blogs. Some have a handle on it, but others miss the mark by quite a wide margin. This all became very clear last month when a PR person tried to convince me to write a story about a company he worked for – without identifying the simple (and important) fact that he worked for them. I’ve written up a longer article about this experience and discussed the growing fascination PR people have with blogs – and how both bloggers and PR people should respond. Click “read more” or “comments” below for the full story.

PR People Discover Blogging
by Mike Masnick

Ever since Techdirt began six years ago, we’ve stated that the site wasn’t going to just spit out PR-approved summaries of stories. It’s not that we’re against PR – it’s just that, too often, the “PR-approved” versions are clearly spun, and we’re not fans of spinning. We want to talk about what’s actually happening. I have nothing against PR people or press releases. In fact, I think they’re a necessary part of getting some much needed publicity from trade magazines and reporters. However, Techdirt was always about digging deeper than the corporate spin.