PR Opinions: “Time for some old PR chestnuts…”

Oh, dear god … a must read … and a ‘must not repeat’ mistake. So, students, do you now have a ‘full’ appreciation for the need to learn not only ‘how to use’ software, but ‘how it works!’?

PR Opinions:
Fall: Time for some old PR chestnuts…

There are a number of issues around the practice of Public Relations that seem to come around again and again and again.

Top of these issues is the ability, or lack of it, of PR practitioners to properly use the everyday tools of the profession. It never ceases to amaze me that a small number of practitioners in the year 2004 still don’t know how to use the most basic tools.

If you hire a plumber or a mechanic you expect them to be au fait with ratchets, spanners etc. Surely a client expects that their PR consultant is similarly familiar with the basic elements of Public Relations?

It seems not.