sp!ked-IT: The end of the web as we know it?

The end of the web as we know it?

Rumours about the collapse of the internet are greatly exaggerated.
by Sandy Starr

Is the internet in imminent danger of falling around our ears?

You could be forgiven for thinking so, after reports of a speech by Patrick Gelsinger, senior vice president and chief technology officer at the leading microchip manufacturer Intel, warning that ‘the worldwide web could collapse in the next few years’ (1).

But what Gelsinger actually said was that the technology underlying the internet is inadequate to meet our current and future needs – which is hardly surprising, when you consider how old this technology is, and how our needs are continually evolving. The really interesting question is how we take the internet forward.

The internet is showing real shortcomings, as users increase and applications diversify. But these shortcomings tend to be bundled together with broader concerns over spam, viruses, hacking, and all the other sundry ills of the world. The result is a general gloom.