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Blogging sells out? Well, a blog that makes money could be a good thing, sure. But, is their value in blogging beyond a ‘revenue stream’? Is there blogging value for a company beyond increased revenues? What do you think? Blog about it.

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Billmon: Blogging sells out
by kos
Mon Sep 27th, 2004 at 08:40:47 GMT

It was February of 2003, and I was in Sacrameto covering the California Democratic Party convention. I had credentials, and was sort of an oddity for the assembled political press corps. I got some needling until I proved that I was just as informed, if not more so, than most of the journalists assembled. But I didn’t get anything approaching respect until this exchange:

A reporter asked, “So, uh, blogging … what’s your revenue stream?”

I responded, “I don’t blog because I have to, I blog because I want to. It’s the essence of writing — doing it for the joy of it.” Perhaps I imagined it all, but I sensed a grudging respect from them, a few nods of the head. Things are obviously different now, at least in the “revenue stream” department.