Gulf Shores: How bad is the damage?

From what I have been able to see so far, the damage is at its worse in the first mile of Pleasure Island coming inland from the beach. Debris is still lined up along Alabama Hwy. 59 south of the Waterville Park.

This evening, as we drove back to the house, we were passed by a Sheriff’s car and then a City Police car both with sirens & lights. They were headed for the roadblock on AL 59. Shortly after that, an ambulance also went speeding to the roadblock. We wisely chose to not go see what was going on.

The following is via 3rd party accounts, so I’m not able to send you to verification links. Earlier in the week, someone on the island approached a roadblock seeking to get in and visit their property. They were denied entry. The man then produced a gun and demanded to be allowed to go to his home. They live in one of the zones that is still closed to traffic on Pleasure Island. That incident was ended without injury. I hope there wasn’t a new altercation this evening.

As for other damage, the damage that has yet to be cleared extends from Greenville all the way to the beach. That’s about 125 miles, folks. I also learned today that either [a] FEMA has not established an office in Greenville or [b] there are people that do not know where it is, yet. Some people in the outlying ‘country’ areas got hit pretty hard in the Greenville and Evergreen areas.

Roberstdale, Atmore, Bay Minette and Foley all have their share of damage.