The Noah Institute

Dave from designshanty kindly posted about our blogging efforts. Check it out.

He has another site, too. If you’re like me, you’ll love this one, too.

The naming of this site, alone, is such a beautiful job. I mean, honestly, can you read that site’s name and tagline and ‘not’ come away with a complete understanding of what it’s focus is? I think not.

Then, the design is very nice, too. And, the content is not too much different from what we’re trying to do here. The site is encouraging the church to examine the use of blogs (CMS) and incorporate it as, yet another, channel for sharing the message.

Please see The Noah Institute

(blogging makes it possible) … to publish your thoughts on bonsai or to let people know that you saw John Edwards name on the Kerry’s plane.

Wait, what? Jon Edwards? For the 2004 presidential campaign, there was a lot of hoopla about who would be John Kerry’s running mate. 2 days BEFORE the big news syndicates were talking about it, a technician reported that he saw Senator John Edwards name on the plane that would whisk Kerry all around the country as he made is bid for the presidency. A lone guy got the news out 2 days before the big boys and he avoided the whole press and public relations game.