BlackboardBlog: Good practice

This was nice to receive. Patrick Klaassen at Universiteit Leiden (founded in 1575) in Leiden, the Netherlands has posted about us in his blog. BlackboardBlog: Good practice is his kind comment about infOpinions? and our class blogging efforts. Here is the English language version of their university’s site.

Cool! Thanks Patrick!

Good practice

Goed voorbeeld van hoe nieuwe technologie ingezet kan worden in het onderwijs. De onderstaande citaten komen uit het weblog van Robert French, docent public relations en multimedia aan de Auburn University. Robert gebruikt een weblog in zijn onderwijs en laat studenten tevens bloggen in zijn vak “Style and Design in PR Messages”.

although it does not seem to be completely accurate, here is the translation

Babel Fish Translation

In English:

Well example of how new technology can be used in the education. The citaten mentioned below come from the web-unwieldly van Robert French, docent public relations and multimedia to the Auburn University. Robert use web-unwieldly in its education and late students tevens bloggen in its profession “Style and design in PR Messages”.

Students, if you are using Firefox browser at home (as I suggested you do for security reasons) you may download and install the ‘Translate 0.5.8’ extension. It contains a translation link that will, when clicked, translate any page you are on from any of several languages to English.


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  1. Patrick Klaassen

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your comment … It was a nice surprice yesterday to discover the way you use weblogs in your classroom. In the Netherlands we are slowly waking up to the phenonemon of weblogs in Edu-land. To give an example … half a year ago I did not know a lot about this type of medium, and did not think much of it. Now it has become a vital tool of knowledge sharing and information exchange within our Blackboard organization, that consists of members of almost all faculties who work in the same field of interest. It is taking slowly the place of e-mail to inform one another and discuss about topics.

    So far as I know of weblogs still aren’t used a lot (understatement) in our education. I know of one teacher who uses them (and is also an ardent contributer to our Blackboard blog – his name is Rino Zandee, – you might want to get in touch with him, he is really into opensource, cms, edu-blogging, etc.) in his classes and is very exited about it.

    I am really interested to know the experiences of your students. Did they enjoy blogging and do they consider that blogging does add value to the “traditional”means of communication between teacher-student and student-student? I would be surprised if they don’t 😉

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