Paper: How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere? by Kathy E. Gill, UW

In my continuing quest to find articles, etc., about blogs and their influence … consider this paper from Kathy Gill at the University of Washington – and then check out the associated links at the end of this post.

How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere?
Kathy E. Gill
Department of Communication
University of Washington

This paper reviews ways to measure the influence of the blogosphere on public opinion and mass media. It covers anecdotes of stories becoming big in the blogosphere and then being (re)introduced into mass media. It reports on the traffic blogs receive and their integration into political and news sites. It also compares the relative ranking of blogs on websites like BlogStreet and Technorati.

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Bloglines Top Blogs  |  Blogrolling Top 100  |  Blogstreet Top 100  |  Technorati Top 100

Technorati is hailed by many as ‘the’ source for this type of ranking … some say the ‘jury is still out on that’ … but, here are two links with more info on Technorati rankings and research

Blogs, newspapers, and link authority(May 20, 2004)  |  News effect of Blog Page Rank (May 21, 2004)  | 

Wrangling the Blogosphere

By Pamela Parker
May 14, 2004

Now, after all this ‘blog influence’ talk … how about Paul Holmes: PR People, Take Blogs Seriously (via Steve Rubel) – “It’s Time to Take Blogs Seriously—and Maybe to Develop One of Your Own

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