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Lacey found this post at Rolling Stone’s site: The Music Blog Boom … it seems that the music industry is not going to make a big deal out of this blogger’s MP3 sharing … the industry sees his blog as a good marketing tool …

With the record industry increasingly turning to the courts to stop illegal file-sharing, Wang, who posts the MP3s without permission, would seem to be setting himself up for a lawsuit. But record labels are taking a hands-off approach to his MP3 blog, Soul Sides, and dozens of others like it. And some labels, particularly indies, have started sending bloggers promotional CDs in the hopes that their music will be posted on the sites.

The best place to get free music, from hot rap remixes to garage-rock obscurities


Thanks to Lacey for sharing the link … I find this particularly interesting to recieve from Lacey (which I appreciate, by the way) because I just bought a new MP3 player. Hmm? It must be ‘kismat‘ – a term for fate that I really like.