classes cancelled through Friday due to Hurricane Ivan.

Amazing, yet true. classes cancelled through Friday due to Hurricane Ivan.

So, you will – of course – spend all five days doing your practice graphics lessons from the book, and editing and blogging, right … oh, sure – you’ll say, “Robert, the power went out.” … uh, sure.

Do your homework, read the book and blog by candlelight 😉

Anyway, all I ask is that you be very careful and safe during this storm. OK!

Now, after making that statement, I’m still going to ask you to do work. 🙂

Here’s a challenge … find a good example of blogs and the weather which promote a product/service and talk about the effectiveness of it’s use. Look in my previous posts and you’ll find one effort by Ryan Towell of the online weather service ‘WeatherBug‘ and their “Storm Chase Team”.

I think Ryan has developed quite a following. The content is so intriguing. You can live vicariously through the posts as he, and this time ‘Fran’, risk their lives chasing storms. I’m betting that their efforts [a] help to hold their existing audience (stickiness) to the site and [b] draw in new audience – all this while doing a good job of reporting some aspects we rarely see of a storm. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “classes cancelled through Friday due to Hurricane Ivan.

  1. Jessica

    Robert! I commented about some guys blog and said that I didn’t like what he said- and he found me!!!! And commented!!! I just wanted to tell you I thought you would be excited. Ok I think my power is going to go out now or else I would be doing photoshop lessons.

  2. Robert

    Hey Jessica,

    That’s cool! I checked it out. I think we talked about Jeremy’s blog in class … it may have been another class, I’m sorry – can’t remember.

    Hey, speak your mind! I think you will like Jeremy, as he suggested, when you get to know him. And, I can appreciate his point about ‘perceptions’ of PR programs.

    We, of course, become irate when we hear PR solely associated with ‘press agentry’ and ‘media relations’ – but, hey – this is what blogging is all about.

    Now, you have made contact with Jeremy (whose blog I’ve visited and even commented in before). Keep corresponding with him and I bet you two can spark up an online PR friendship.

    I’m proud of you, Jessica!

    Now, go ‘duck and cover’ because IVAN is only an hour away. The outer bands are already coming our way. Be careful. Be safe. 😮


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