WordPress plugins add power to your blog

Plugins offer increased functional power to your blog.

There are many plugins for WordPress. One of the first ones we will install is ‘optimal title‘. This plugin can improve your site’s search engine results. Sure, today you aren’t too interested in ‘increased search engine rankings’. But for a client – wouldn’t that change?

WP Plugin: Optimal Title

Having your page information appear before your blog name in the title is advantageous because it provides more meaningful search engine results and browser bookmark names. The text that appears between your <title> tags is used to generate both of these things, and will often be truncated when viewed. Because of this, it is more effective to have words directly relating to the content of your page appear before common markers. Not only will the titles be more meaningful, but the they will also be more scannable when being viewed in a list. For more information on this concept, see Dr. Jakob Nielsen’s article Microcontent: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines.

Also, we will look at the article by Dr. Jacob Nielsen (above). I don’t do the best ‘headline’ writing in my blog. We’ll look at the process of writing a ‘good’ headline for your posts.

Finally, I’ve installed the ‘Optimal Title’ plugin here and we’ll see how it changes the results I get in google and elsewhere.