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Rex Hammock, magazine publisher, has a great blog about – well, magazines. Check it out.

rexblog.com is the weblog of Rex Hammock and typically is about magazines, the magazine industry and custom publishing. Often, however, rexblog.com links to totally random stuff.

his latest theme is ‘outing’ new ‘vaporzines’ … those announced, but non-existent, new publications (or, just ‘floating ideas’ for those mags) … interesting and funny stuff, really … and news from B’ham is among his recent posts


A note of clarification for publishers who think they should be angry that I’m (Rex Hammock) calling their magazine concept something negative: The term vaporzine is not one of derision regarding a magazine concept or plan, nor does it indicate any judgement on the part of this weblog about the magazine or planned magazine’s chances for success. It refers merely to the stage at which an announcement, press release and prototype is all that actually exists during a pre-launch or “premiere” issue stage of a magazine start-up process. Actually, I think all magazine concepts are wonderful and want to assure you that yours has, gee, a really good chance of succeeding. Again, just for clarification for those of you who did a google search on your magazine’s title and came to this, I call ALL pre-launch magazines vaporzines, not just yours.


2 thoughts on “‘vaporzines’ …

  1. Rex Hammock

    Robert, thanks for the rexblog shout-out. From your URL, I’ve taken a guess that the university in Alabama that you may be associated with is near to area of Alabama I grew up in and left many decades ago. My mother was one of the first female graduates of your university and one of the young, star editors of my day-job business, Hammock Publishing, (what I do when I’m not blogging), graduated from your fine university (if I’m guessing correctly from your URL) five-or-so years ago. Good luck on your course. I’ve added you to my media-oriented blog roll.

  2. Robert

    Hey Rex,

    How great to hear from you!

    My pleasure re: the shout-out. I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been looking at it for awhile.

    You’re right on target about the school. And how wonderful to learn of your roots here. I’m happy to learn of your Mom and that ‘young star editor’ – and their history here, also. Small world, huh. Alums to be proud of, too! Cool.

    Send them both a big ol’ “War Eagle” from us!

    I’ll be pointing my students to your site. Some of them want to work for magazines. I’m sure they’ll love it!

    Thanks again.

    Take care.

    P.S. You are on the Blogroll here under “CEOs Are Blogging – rexblog: Rex Hammock’s Weblog” as well as in the Blogdigger list (which I’m sure you’re aware of). I put you in there – along with the Blogdigger listing – because of the interest in magazine publishing expressed by students.

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