rebuilding the blog, a bit

well, i’ve done so many ‘tweaks’ to the ‘index.php’ of my blog that i’ve pretty much messed it all up … so, here we go with a ‘redesign’ of sorts … using a new template … please be patient as things move around … i love bloglines and use it daily … that being said, I’d love it if they could come up with a collapsing blogroll categories list so that my pitifully long blog roll wouldn’t be soooooo long πŸ˜‰ this style, by the way, is extreme2 – see alex king’s blog for a great list of WordPress styles

do you like the bear? i’ve been wanting to buy that bear … but the place i found it ( doesn’t work … i’ve tried to get the site to respond to clicks, but i guess it is either down, or inactive. bummer. ok, i’ll admit it – i like bears. i have several. there ya’ go. make fun, if you wish. πŸ™‚