waypath plugin for WordPress

just noticed, in the waypath blog, that they are experiencing growing pains. to quote their blog, “Waypath is too freaking popular!” They ask questions, which I have answered at the end of this post.

but, for my students – you probably want to know – “What is waypath?”

look at any of my blog entries. click on the ‘comments’ link for that entry. you will find a form to fill in, should you wish to reply to my entry. below that form lies the results of the waypath plugin. it appears on almost all of my posts. some posts don’t have terms or phrases that waypath catalogs – or, perhaps more appropriately stated, waypath does not recognize a contextual relationship in my post to the blogs that it catalogs. that is the reason it does not always appear.

in essence, their plugin gives your posts ‘automatic comments’ derived from the blogs of others. they match the keywords of your blog with posts from others in their database. then, via the plugin, those posts that relate to your topic appear as comments in your blog entry. kinda cool, huh!

waypath is a tool utilizing “text analysis” and “Contextual Navigation, Semantic Search, and all things Waypathic”. see their ‘about‘ page for the details.

so, in class, we will need to install some plugins for your wordpress blogs. waypath is my favorite of all the available WP plugins. i suggest we install it. it will help you learn about many other blogs that you might not ever encounter, had it not been for the waypath plugin. think of it this way – if you wrote about it, you’d probably want to see what others think about the same topic – right! 🙂

now, to the point of this entry – “how can waypath users support the service?” they ask the following questions:

1. Would your company want to sponsor/brand a Waypath tool? i doubt the university would do that, no.

2. Would you be willing to donate to Waypath? How much? yeah, i would. how much? well, would $20 help?

3. Would you be willing to subscribe to Waypath services? Which? well, that part that allows the WordPress plugin to work 🙂

4. Are there other services we should offer to which you would be willing to subscribe? hmm? not that familiar, yet, so the answer is no

5. Which Waypath services could you live without, if any? selfishly, all the services that do not involve the WordPress plugin … sorry!

6. How would you feel about highly-targeted, relevant product placements embedded as items in RSS feeds? uh, no … not for me.

7. Any other ideas? i’d make it a subscription kinda thing … livejournal, for instance, has made a tidy fortune and can continue to develop their projects by just cultivating paid users (that’s $25 per year – I have a livejournal paid account, for instance).