well, not much today … but have to post once a day

well, I changed the theme/style of the blog … that was quick … just upload (pick another image to replace the green blocks background) and – ta da! blissful green pastures! please note that the photo of the pastures come from a e107 theme … i gave credit to the photographer, Cory Albright … as for the tiger? i don’t know who took that image … i’ve had it for a long, long time … probably came from Google image search … gotta love those tigers!

now, for something to read… you can refer to my previous post … or read on:

students, this is a great read … simply put by one of America’s top bloggers – in fact, he’s called an ‘evangelist’

read scobble’s blog (that is a link directly to his manefesto within his blog) … or, read the manifesto at ‘change this’ – the brainchild of Seth Godin … this link takes you to the ‘change this’ site and you’ll have to scroll down to find Robert Scobble’s manifesto – ‘Corporate Weblog’ … the link is actually http://changethis.com/Web2.Corporatelog – but, my WordPress blog isn’t handling that strange URL very well …

Robert Scoble is one of blogging’s best-known personalities. He is Microsoft’s technical evangelist for the US .NET Platform Strategy. Before joining Microsoft, Scoble held a variety of jobs ranging from planning conferences at Fawcette Technical Publications, to being director of marketing for weblog software producer UserLand Software, to being sales support manager at NEC Mobile Solutions. He has a 10-year-old son and enjoys technology of all kinds, from playing with his Tivo and Xbox Live system to tinkering around with digital cameras.