“bias” in blogs

using the blogpulse trend search tool to find ‘bias’

well, we’ve all heard about ‘liberal media bias’. conservatives talk and write about it (heck, everyone does). media and governments react to that criticism, too. some even guard against it – others praise it … now, is there ‘conservative bias’ in blogs? i.e., do people write ‘that’ phrase?

well, we used blogpulse to see the instances of:

liberal bias
conservative bias
media bias

in blogs. Which one has the most entries in the blogs tracked by blogpulse? go see … blogpulse trend tool

what could this mean? well, first of all ‘bias’ – alone – only turns up in <17 percent of blogs … media bias is the most mentioned phrase at just 2.6% (mb) … liberal bias peaks at 1.5% (lb) and conservative bias peaks at .5% (cb) …

note: these searches are a snapshot in time (over a 30 day period back from the day you search)

i write this in relation to an article from ‘gawker’ blogger – wonkette

Gawker Media Empire’s resident statistician looks at the (sic) how much the media care about bias and what kind of bias they care about. With 3,317 articles on “liberal bias” and only 516 on “conservative bias” in all U.S. newspapers and wires in the past five years, it’s clear they care mostly about themselves. Krucoff breaks it down:

what conclusions, or opinions, do you draw from this?