credit, where credit is due

an interesting post from Susan Mernit’s blog

i always try to ‘make sure’ i post links to the source of my blog topics … i know of only two instances where i lost the link, but posted the story anyway … by that I mean, I learned of a topic from one blogs and posted the link to the story on another site … may seem like a small thing, but i don’t think so … on those two instances i actually noted that i had lost the source (the original site where i saw someone talking about the issue)

therefore, let this serve as another reminder that we should always credit our sources! even in a ‘blog’ … it is still publishing and those people put time and effort into their blogs – they should receive credit for sharing something that you found interesting … this lil’ diatribe of mine isn’t exactly the same as susan mernit’s point, but i believe it is worth addressing…