benefits of using CMS – what could it mean to your site?

A simple lesson on ‘why you should join professional associations’ … i belong to PRSA and i am a member of the technology section …

So, thanks to Heather Carle, Chair of the PRSA Technology Section, I learned something (actually a couple of things).

Heather is the Director of Communications for Afilias

Afilias is a global leader in advanced domain name registry services.

Afilias provides complete back-office services for all registry management needs — from registration to resolution.

From Heather, through one of her ‘Tech guys’, I learned of The Haunted Apiary is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) … that site defines how they are using ‘wikis’ and ‘blogs’ in a new form of alternative reality game in order to promote the new release of Halo 2

This is a very interesting (yes, and Geeky) way to use CMS for product promotion – but, considering the audience, it is quite appropriate and effective

Also, Heather mentioned that CMS use might be most useful in “employee and channel communications” – and, along that ‘channels’ idea, I found this site about optimizing search results based upon key phrases (see marketing surveys … why include this? well, i’ve noticed that (a) since we adopted a CMS for our department Web site, the ‘hits’ we get from directory robots (Google, for example) have jumped tremendously. using CMS we have more content – therefore more text (combinations of terms) to search and more ‘combinations’ to be searched for by the users of Google which might mean a ‘match’ for our site.

Example: our web site – the front page has been ‘viewed’ 355,069 times. Am I saying that 355,069 people have visited our site? No. But the web directories (Google, Yahoo!, DogPile, AOL) have been visiting and have been cataloging our site’s pages. to-date, we have had 812,040 total unique site views. By the end of September (maybe mid-October) we will likely surpass the 1,000,000 mark … imagine that for a moment – one million views (if even just by web robots cataloging your site) is pretty good exposure. eventually the site will have more opportunities to be viewed (if only for non-related reasons) – the site will have only been up for 6 months – google and yahoo! dominate the ‘referring’ links to our Web site … the result of turning to CMS – we are getting ‘new eyes’ on our site.

Now, compare this to how stanford’s captology site became the ‘top listing’ for the phrase ‘interesting blog’ – the kicker to that? stanford’s captology relates that, “… we don’t even have both terms anywhere on our page; we only have ‘interest’ and ‘blog’, separated by plenty of text.”

Finally, for the ’employee’ example – Margaret Robertson, a recent graduate of our program, reported that her internship (ALFA) required her to maintain the company ‘intranet’ CMS – it is used for internal employee communication, file sharing, etc. Here is one example of what Margaret wrote and posted to their CMS.

Also, see the Ketchum MyKGN example that has become a profit leader for their PR firm

You may also view an example ‘eroom’ at this site eroom demo … it requires a signup/registration to get in, but worth it … it has a very definite CMS look to it

some of the eroom demos you may then download, are:

* New Product Development: Product Concept & Design
* New Product Development: Protoype Management
* New Product Development: Relationship Management
* Project Managment: Team Project Workspace
* Client Engagement: Relationship Management
* Opportunity Management: RFP Response Team
* Supply Chain:Vendor Management
* Biopharmaceuticals: Competitive Intelligence and Licensing
* Biopharmaceuticals: Lead Generation
* New Product Launch
* Compliance Program Management
* Internals Controls Design eRoom
* Board of Directors eRoom

See the possibilities?

Update: I was too conservative on the estimates of traffic to the site listed above. Here are the latest numbers as of today (12/28/2004):

Logging began: 19 April 2004 (253 days ago)
Total unique site views: 3101247
Total site views: 3150373
Daily average: 12452
Weekly average: 87164
Monthly average: 373562