an oldie, but a goodie – Eclipse update: Apple PR stunt shocks World | The Register

Eclipse update: Apple PR stunt shocks World | The Register
Eclipse update: Apple PR stunt shocks World
By Tony Smith
Published Wednesday 11th August 1999 16:28 GMT

The IT industry was left reeling today as Apple mounted its most audacious promotional campaign yet — one that literally cast its famous 1984 Superbowl ad into the shade. At 11am British Summer Time, the UK was overcast by the largest Apple logo ever seen. In central London, traffic halted as millions of Brits paused to watch what Apple spokesmen called the Message of the Millennium. “Find out why 2000 won’t be like Y2K,” was blazoned across the majestic canopy, fretted with golden fire, as the Apple logo faded to totallity. Speaking from Apple global HQ, interim CEO Steve Jobs said: “God is a great Mac fan, and when we took the plan to Him earlier this year, He was thrilled to take part.” Company CFO Fred Anderson told The Register the Almighty had initially refused to have His creation used for marketing purposes, and could only be persuaded to hire out the sun and moon for the occasion for a substantial dollar sum. “The payment was significant,” admitted Anderson, “but no more so than any other advertising campaign of this scale. God’s rates are really quite reasonable.