“spam” pr releases/placement – students, please do not ever do this

Letters Editors Flummoxed Over Weed-Like ‘Astroturf’ Growth

ingenious use of technology? no – folly of supporters gone nuts, yes – the part that makes it so horrible is the financial (merchandise) inducement, or ‘points’ – aaaarrrrgggghhhh! as Charlie Brown would say …

Republicans struck astroturf gold in 2003, with a letter on Bush “demonstrating genuine leadership” running in more than 100 newspapers including The Boston Globe and USA Today. That was one of many form letters generated by the GOPTeamLeader.com site, where volunteers earn “points” (redeemed for merchandise) for getting letters printed.

yeah, i got your points – as in ‘zero’

But the fact remains that Bush’s copymeisters have had the last laugh — and have received the most distribution