P O L A R ** P E N N Y – a lesson for you and employers

P O L A R ** P E N N Y

read her story here, and see her former employer here … and her blog is located here

here is the comment I placed in her blog …

Your experience saddens me. Your former employer frightens me. You, however, are a delight. What a great attitude. You are a stellar example for all to learn from, so please take that to heart.

Your former employer is devoid of sense, common-sense and any pr/marketing savvy.

How they could let an anonymous complaint have any effect, is – well, foolish and unprofessional. Anything, or anyone, that is anonymous should be tossed in the bin, where it belongs. I know that may sound harsh, but I really am saddened to see someone treated so poorly.

They had an asset! They had a person that could bring value to their message and they blew it.

You have proven them to be the losers in all of this.

Take care and good luck. You, unlike Nunavut Tourism, will succeed!