Zell Kravinsky for president!

unbelievable? nope, it is true

The New Yorker (a reprint)
August 2, 2004
FACT; Annals Of Philanthropy; Pg. 54

Last summer, not long after Zell Kravinsky had given almost his entire forty-five-million-dollar real-estate fortune to charity, he called Barry Katz, an old friend in Connecticut, and asked for help with an alibi. Would Katz call Kravinsky’s wife, Emily, in Philadelphia, and say that the two men were about to take a weeklong trip to Katz’s ski condominium in Vermont? This untruth would help Kravinsky do something that did not have his wife’s approval: he would be able to leave home, check into the Albert Einstein Medical Center, in Philadelphia, for a few days, and donate a kidney to a woman whose name he had only just learned.

The 2003 Slate 60: Top Donations

Zell and Emily Kravinsky—$30 million to the Adria Kravinsky Foundation. Kravinsky, 49, a real-estate developer in Jenkintown, Pa., and his wife, Emily, 46, a psychiatrist, gave commercial real estate valued at $30 million to establish the Adria Kravinsky Foundation, in Philadelphia. The foundation will support the School of Public Health at Ohio State University, in Columbus. The foundation is named for Zell Kravinsky’s sister, who died of lung cancer 20 years ago at age 33. Zell Kravinsky attracted attention in 2003 by donating a kidney to a woman he did not know.


4 thoughts on “Zell Kravinsky for president!

  1. Huri Cañas

    This man is an example for every christian. How can we say that we love Jesus if we see so many people without nothing to eat or a place to sleep? I pray this man (Zell) also could know in his entirely dimensions the love of Jesus to him. “Show me your faith without fruits, and i will show you my faith through my fruits”
    Huri. (Honduras)

  2. Robbye Fifer

    Please I would like a contact number or a e mail address for Mr.Zell Kravinsky, I have a friend who is in need of a kidney. I would like to search for a donor for my friend.

  3. Leesa Detten

    I read about you donating a kidney. How great!!! I am going to donate my kidney to my son who is 10 years old. We are in the “evaluation” process, and luckily, mine is a match. We are struggling with the cost of the transplant. Our insurance will not cover “harvesting” the organ and will only pay about 50% of the transplant cost. Do you have any suggestions? We are conducting fund raisers, but at this point, it is slow going. My husband and I both work, but will both have to be off for several months, as his transplant will take place in Dallas, TX, and we live in Amarillo, TX – about 5 hours away. We will have to stay there, and insurance doesn’t cover living expenses. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated. It feels good to give a part of your self to someone, especially one of your kids. I feel very blessed. Thank you for you time, Leesa Detten.

  4. Robert

    Ms. Detten, I am not Zell – I merely wrote about him. I’m sorry, but I do not have any information on how to contact him. My admiration goes out to you for your donation to your son. Best wishes to all of you.

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